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Debate Rules


1. If you want your views respected, then respect others’ views. Truth is like two blind people trying to describe an elephant by touching it. Sure, you may have your hands on the area of its trunk and husks and ears, and therefore you are convinced that your opposition has its head and hands up the elephant’s arse. But remember, you are both blind and you are both describing only part of the elephant, so a little humility and open-mindedness will serve the situation well.

2. If you want people to listen to your views, then learn how to listen to the views of others, especially when they differ from your own. (And the more your views differ, the more important it will be to learn how to listen well.)

3. Acknowledge what is true about the other person’s perspective. (This is especially true when discussing/debating with family and friends.)

4. Think, don’t just react emotionally or from your pride or pathetic need to be right. It’s never who’s right but what’s right.

5. Be willing to put in the time to think critically. And not just about the other person’s point of view and why it’s wrong, but also about your own reaction and your own point of view and how it might be incorrect or lacking important information/considerations. (It may be your head that is up the elephant’s arse.)

6. Be impeccable with your words. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Don’t be a mental midget and start spewing nonsense about “YOUR TRUTH” when what you clearly mean is “your opinion” or “your belief.” And for gawdsake don’t use all caps to try to make your point appear grander or more solid than it is; that’s bush league.

–> If you are unwilling to do these things or at least sincerely attempt these things, then you’re a foolish selfish pathetic unthinking little troll and need to bugger off of social media, because reason and thinking are wasted on you.



2 thoughts on “Debate Rules

  1. i agree. However, could you have meant to say (in the final sentence) bugger off “to” social media? That region appears to be their home. The interface enables and encourages immature behavior. It’s mostly unmoderated space.

    • I meant from. Social media, especially Facebook, is rife with stupid exchanges where neither party actually does any real thinking or weighing or considering, but just spews their rhetoric, right or left, and then doubles down on it, thus reinforcing their own confirmation bias.

      Social media could be a place for learning and exploring different points of view and ideas and seeking first to understand, but this happens hardly ever from what I’ve seen.

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